Save Multiple Customized Project Views

I’d like the ability to save customized views of a project (with filters applied) and pin those to the top of the project menu (ClickUp is a great example of this) or have sub-projects that represent those views (perhaps a dropdown in the sidebar).

While you can filter and customize project fields to get a specific view, it’s a manual process and isn’t always intuitive for team members.

Really, the only workaround I’ve found is to multi-home specific tasks into other projects but that leads to more issues by creating even more projects. And with the small amount of project hierarchy offered by Asana as it is, adding more projects makes the workspace almost impossible to navigate and organize.

Unsure if anyone has found a workaround for this, but it’s getting very frustrating and causing me to store less and less information in Asana.


Hi @kbuchanio

Have you tried save layout as default? This will save it for every viewer.

Although this does not address the need for saved layouts as links to quickly get to a view.

save project

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@Getz_Pro Yes, that’s something I use across most projects. I think the biggest issue is that it’s still only a single view versus being able to easily access multiple views.


@kbuchanio - yes! I agree this would be a helpful feature. I do not want to have an Asana project for each audience, and I also cannot be in every meeting where a project is reviewed to ensure whoever is reviewing it has the correct project view. Being able to pre-define multiple views and save them to a visible location would save a lot of time and potential miscommunication.

Some of my particular use cases: a default team view with one set of filters applied (and certain sections collapsed), a default backlog view (with different sections open and other filters applied), view where a specific custom field is applied as a filter, saving a timeline view, saving a default board view, etc.


This is a wonderful idea! It’s one of the features I loved about ClickUp - being able to customize my views and save additional views within a project so I could actually save all information I needed in ONE project and sort it based on my needs, save it as a view and quickly and easily refer back to the view I need at a later date.

I would really love this to help me with managing my social media in Asana - being able to save views per platform and then based on filters I set for each would really be helpful. We definitely need more customization with projects and views - platforms like ClickUp are really attractive for this purpose but I much prefer the simplicity of Asana so I really hope this gets taken into account in development.


I agree this would be incredibly useful! We have this with Notion and it’s one of the main things stopping me from moving over fully to Asana.

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Yes! The ability to save different views would save me tons of time managing different teams1

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Yes please! Why don’t we have this already?

Normally I want to only see the tasks that I have put into the schedule (i.e. assigned a start and end date). But sometimes I want to filter only tasks that are new in the last 14 days. I have to do these filters manually each time. It would nice nice to have custom views that you could pin to the top (next to Dashboard, Messages, Files etc.) and give them a custom name.

This feature would save me so much time each week. We have a huge intake project that contains all of the work requests we receive. Being able to have different views (i.e. here are the unassigned requests, here are the ones without due dates, here are the tasks assigned to Team A, here all new requests in the last 7 days, etc) would be so useful for my team.

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Also would love this feature. The “Save as Default View” feature is great. Just make multiple options for that.

Wow, this is a very significant feature in ClickUp. Not being able to save views filtered, sorted, and grouped in multiple ways is extremely frustrating. Especially since they can only be grouped in one way across all the different views! I.e. if the board view is grouped by to-do/doing/done, the list view is too, whereas in Clickup or Airtable I could group by importance, or category or anything I want. I’d have to use different projects to sort accomplish that in Asana, and reapply my filters anytime I want a more focused view than the default.

I really wish I could convince my company to switch to Clickup or Airtable. I feel like I’m stuck with Asana since that’s what they chose. Catch up please, Asana!!

I agree that this would be a great feature!

Hi @Christy_Casey1, welcome to the Community! :handshake: Please remember to vote for this feature request above if you have not done so already.

Need this option on my boards too.

This feature has been built and is in the process of being rolled out to all users: