Same task under different teams

Hi, my question is pretty obvious, as seen on the headline, but haven’t found an answer yet. Can I have one task under different teams and synchronize itself when one of the teams enters information in it?

You can have one task multi-homed in several projects (“living” in several projects), each project being in a different team. Everyone would see the same task. Would that work for you?

However someone belonging to all the teams will have to add the task in each project I think :thinking: because a team member might not see the other teams.

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Thanks for answering. My understanding is that once someone is following a task, they cannot see the rest of the team projects, if the team is private. Therefore, this is manageable.
On the solution you are proposing, Ill have to check it since i’m not sure if it applies to non upgraded accounts. I don’t see such option so far.
Just checked and it was easier than i thought. Thanks!!!

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They won’t even see the task belongs to another project. I guess it works, never tried it. You can quickly test the solution for real. If you do, can you get back to us?

Hi @Lefteris_Sikalidis and welcome to the Forum!

Multi-homing your tasks is definitely the best solution in your situation!

That’s correct! Users can only see projects and teams they’re a member of! So by adding a user as a follower, you only give them access to this task; if they not a member of the project or team, they won’t be able to see either of them!

Hope this helps!