Same task, duplicated in the same project or linked (but not duplicated) across projects


We have to link a task across several projects, and even within a project. We also have the issue that the task “language” or notations needs to be different for different projects. It would be great to be able to link two tasks as the same, without having to copy the task (and its language) directly. We want these tasks to be linked so there isn’t a redundant need to check off a task. We also have some tasks that need to get repeated within the same project. Yes, we can do dependencies, but just for visual clarity, it is much easier to see that task repeated. Tasks can also fall under multiple sections within a single project, but since we cannot repeat a task within a project without duplication (and no linking), we’re stuck with having it in one spot, or suffer the redundancy of clicking complete for both tasks.


Hi @KPro :wave:t3:

So if I get this right, you need to have the same task (BUT with a different language depending on the project) to be multi-homed in several projects, is that right?

Regarding your second point, you’re looking to have the same task nested in several section of the same project, correct?


Yes! Thank you for your articulation.