Same meeting repeating every week and displayed in calendar?

Hi there, I try to organize our weekly meetings in Asana. However, I try to create a weekly team meeting in asana. For that reason I created a project called “team meetings”. Now I want to have it displayed every week in my calendar. The “repeat” function after “completing” the project is not useful, because the next weeks meeting is only displayed after “completed” this weeks meeting. However, if there is no meeting every week in our calendar team members will make other meetings the time the meeting will appear after completed the first one. Do you understand what I’m trying to explain? Like an outlook meeting “repeat every week”. Then I see a meeting every week in the calendar and do not arrange new ones at the same time… Thanks in previous…

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Welcome to the Forum @Freddy and thank you for reaching out!

I completely understand what you have explained. As you have mentioned, recurrent tasks only appear on your Calendar for the next time the task is due and not every single time the recurring task is due in the future.

I would suggest you to have a look at the workaround provided by Kaitie in the following thread: Recurring tasks in calendar view.

I would also recommend to add your vote to the thread, in case you haven’t yet.

I hope this helps Freddy but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!