Same Change Request Across Multiple Projects With independent incorporation status?

I need help in configuring Asana.

Have an ECN (say ECN 1234) that applies to Projects A, B, and C.
I create a task and apply Projects A, B, and C to ECN 123.

My issue is… the first Project that completes the incorporation of ECN 123, marks ECN 123 as done. However, the two other remaining Projects still need to be completed.

How do I create a singular task with multiple associated Projects, each with its task status?
Also the singular tasks is marked complete once all independent tasks status equals complete.

Welcome, @Eric_Petzoldt,

For the one ECN 123 task you could make three subtasks, one for each department, multi-home the subtasks individually to their respective departments and, if you’re on the Business or Enterprise plan, write a rule to mark the parent task complete when all its subtasks are complete.

Hope that helps,