Salesforce Error Message - Wrong Asana ID

We have been using the Salesforce and Asana integration for about a year now with no problem. Recently, our Salesforce admin has been receiving this email EVERY time our sales rep adds a contact into Salesforce.

"Your Salesforce process failed to run because…

We can’t find the Asana Project being used in the Salesforce Process Builder. Please make sure to use the correct Asana project ID.

Please review all the Asana IDs used in your process to make sure they’re correct."

I have checked our Process Builder and nothing has changed and this has never happened before.

Hi @Mike_Tammaro, thanks for flagging this!

I’d suggest reaching out to the Support team with the Asana Project URL and a screencast of the issue. Our Support team should be able to look into this further for you.

I hope this is resolved soon for you!

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