Sales Pipeline - Multiple Quotes

Hi, new to Asana and want to use it mainly as a project/sales pipeline.

Most of our “New Opportunities” have multiple clients wanting us to quote. Using the Asana example below:

Phoenix Expansion - could have 3 different companies asking us to quote so would have 3 different account names we need to keep following up until it gets to the final “won” stage. How would you set that up without putting Phoneix Expansion in 3 separate times?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If I’m understanding correctly, you could make three subtasks of Phoenix Expansion, one for each company asking for a quote.

Use the trick to edit each subtask and add it (Tab+P) into the same New Opportunities project that the parent task is in, each into whichever section is appropriate.

That way, each can be tracked independently, and each is grouped as belonging to the same Phoenix Expansion parent task.