Safari Performance


A few members of my team use Safari (instead of Chrome), and they consistenly experience terrible performance when using asana. Simple keystrokes are delayed and clicking between items is also slow. In fact, even outside the Asana app, there’s a 1-3 lag after loading a page on (which I can’t help but think is a JS issue). We’ve tried this in private Safari windows, w/o extensions, on different machines, and this seems concentrated among Mac laptops. Laptops are only a couple years old and work fine with other SaaS apps like Podio, Hubspot, Zapier, etc. This seems a persistent issue with Asana. I’m not sure if this is a bug/incompatability with your frontend framework, but support wasn’t very helpful resolving this. We’ve resorted to using different browsers or wrapping with nativefier or Fluid.


I have the exact same issue. I experienced it for the first time a few months ago and it went away after a day or two. The same issue is now back since yesterday (April 10) for me. I tried rebooting, logging back in without success. I’m using Chrome temporarily for Asana.