Russia. The second day does not work asana


Tell me what could be the reason?


Can you clarify your request please? What does not work?


When you launch the app on the desktop it simply does not show the page. It shows it cannot be connected to the app.


You should contact This is very hard to help you without more information (screencast, screenshot…)



I can confirm there is an issue on asana website. It works on the IOS application, but not the website itself. it gets stuck in connecting.

here’s a screenshot of the webpage:




+1 Asana fail to load from Moscow (web app) on android its ok. Its message: Trying to reconnect. Changes will be synced once your connection is restored.


ok, looks like its because of Russia blocked to much of IP. Works for me if i use VPN. But still, we have to do something. I can not use VPN from office. And team members can not use VPN too


Same issue for me. Asana isn’t available without vpn


Same issue. It’s working only with VPN service