running reports for incomplete tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Because of Completion being a toggle as well as a completed range, it seems like I have to set completed date to -1 in order to get an accurate list of incomplete tasks. Set to 0 or a positive number, I get no results.

Steps to reproduce: see screenshot

Browser version: firefox 74.0 (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

Logically, a Task that is Incomplete has a Completion Date that is null. So I would just leave Completion Date completely (heh) out of the search. Don’t even add it to your list of search parameters. This way works fine for me.

it’s part of the hard coded form so I can’t deselect it. The add filter has extra parameters, but the ones shown are there for better or worse.

Welcome to the Forum @Angella_Thompson and thank you for reaching out!

Sorry for the trouble here. As @Stephanie_Oberg recommended, the best here is to exclude the Completed filter when searching for incomplete Tasks.

I read you cannot deselect the Completed filter and I got a little confused. But let’s see if we can solve this together. Can you please try to run an Advanced Search like the one shown in the picture below?

Thank you Angella! Looking forward to your reply!

Here’s how I launched the attached form:
L side pane, under ‘Reports’ --> select search results. This brings me to the search function page ( [numberID of task]
On this page, I select Refine Search from the upper right side of the page, which opens up the criteria selection form

When I launch the form, it’s hardcoded to show me the options that are part of said form. You can see options for me to select from if I choose to add a filter, but there is no option to remove a filter already present.

Now I’m just flat out curious why your form is different from mine! I use the web app on Firefox

Thank you for the quick follow-up @Angella_Thompson. It helped me understand the issue here.

The reason why you have these parameters by default is because you are currently using a saved report.

My suggestion would be to run a new Advanced Search with the criteria showed in the picture I have attached and once you have the result you can save this new search as a new report.

To run an Advanced Search you just need to follow these steps:

Let me know if this helps Angela!

Thank you! I have been using only saved ones thinking that was the start point, not the click inside the search bar!