Run a report to share completed tasks with external users

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We use asana to route creative for approval and the final delivery of creative assets links.
It would beneficial if we could extract the links to the FINALS to share with external parties. For example, we share with a few execs who will not be on board with getting asana accounts and searching the projects themselves.

This is a 2 part question:
Can we set up the task to search for final links only? For example, could we pull a report for all final links delivered in February '23?
Can we share that report with people who do not have asana accounts?

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I would add a custom field where you add the final links.

Now for the date filter:

Is link delivery the same as task completion date?
If so then this can be used in list view for example.
This would probably the easiest solution also for the filter.

Otherwise you can add a date custom field where you always select the date of task delivery.

Then go to list view and filter and download/export these tasks.
You can also create a graph where you filter the dates (such as completion within the past two weeks) you need and then click through the graph to see the relevant tasks.

If you don‘t want to download the info in csv format for example you could also create a read-only link.

Yes as per the above

Great suggestions, except the one above won’t work, I don’t think, because the read-only view doesn’t show custom fields.

Asana2Go, though, could help (disclaimer: I’m the creator). Choose the standard output called Interactive tables or you can make a custom one:


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Oh true you are right! I totally missed that.

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