Rules trigger: Moving tasks from one project to Due in two weeks section

Is there a way to create a due date rule for tasks to be moved to ‘due in 2 weeks’ section but from ONE project only ?


‘Due in 2 week’ is a section of your My Tasks or of a project? Why did you emphasise the “ONE”?

Hey Bastien,

Thanks for a quick reply.

Due in 2 weeks is a section in My Tasks. I don’t wanna asana to move all tasks assigned to me to this section. I want tasks only from one specific project to be moved to that section when the due date is approaching. Is this possible ?

My understanding is that every Rule is project-specific, so there should be no problem having a Rule to operate on just one Project. You create that Rule within the Project of interest, and you’re done.


I don’t believe this is currently possible to do as specified, so it’s a fair feedback request.


If you put a rule in the one project of note, there’s no suitable rule action there to route the task to your specific My Tasks section.

If you put a rule in My Tasks, there’s no suitable rule trigger to specify the task exists in that one project of note.

So neither of the two places to potentially automate will work.

Perhaps with Flowsana (/cc @Phil_Seeman) or another tool like Zapier or Make.


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Building on what @lpb mentioned, you should be able to do this in our Flowsana integration with a rule of “When a task is due in 14 days, add it to the ‘My Tasks’ project, in the ‘Due in 2 weeks’ section.”