Rules - The trigger "Completion status" is not configurable

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

In the rules, I cannot select the type of completion anymore (completed or not) - the right panel doesn’t appear

Steps to reproduce:

  • 1- Create a rule

  • 2- As Trigger select “Completion Status is set to”

  • 3- Profit :grin:

Browser version:

Chrome Last version

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

Tested on Enterprise and Business

Upload screenshots below:

chrome-capture-2023-5-8 (1)



I am experiencing the same while attempting to configure a rule. Using Business version of Asana

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Hi @Arthur_BEGOU and @Sylvia_Taylor, apologies for the trouble, this does look like a bug. I’ve escalated this issue to our Developers and will get back to you once I have updates.

@Sylvia_Taylor, just to confirm, do you run into this issue when using the same rule as Arthur?


Hi, yes it is the same issue. There is no option to select an actual “Completion Status” if that trigger is used for the rule. Clicking “Completion status is set” does not open a menu of possible completion status types to populate.



The bug is still there; but I’ve noticed that by default, when selecting the rule, the completion status was selected on “Completed”.

Then, we can still partially use the rule (meanwhile the bug is fixed). :wink:

Hi @Arthur_BEGOU, our Developers have confirmed that in this specific version of the rules there’s no trigger for incomplete status, and that’s why the side pane doesn’t appear.

However, they are already testing a new version that will have a trigger for incomplete status too, so you will see the side pane with the options again. They don’t have an exact ETA to share yet, but they are confident that this new version will be shipped soon!

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Thanks, @Vanessa_N for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Then maybe the name of the rule is confusing (and gives the feeling that we can select between multiple status).


I totally agree with you, and have passed on this feedback, but hopefully this new version will solve this confusion too :slight_smile:

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