Rules Question regarding trigger by addition of task and add to another project.

Bare with me.

We just upgraded so we can use the rules feature to automate some things for us.

We have a meeting agenda project, a goals project, and issues project.

We create rules in the issue & goals project that says when we add a task is should add this items to the correlating section on the meeting agenda. This works perfectly except in one instance.

When we have a task that we want to show up both on the issues project and the goals project, it will only show up one time on our agenda. We want the goal to show up both on the issues section of the agenda AND the goals part of the agenda.

If we have a rule in the goals and issues projects that says add any new task to the agenda in the correlating section…why is it when we have a single task in both the issue and goals projects does it not show up? The rule works perfectly IF we just add a task normally. When we assign a task to 2 projects…the rule doesn’t work.

Any ideas?


If I understand, you’re trying to have a single task appear twice in the same project (Meeting Agenda) so that it can appear in two sections of that project. Asana doesn’t allow that; a task can be a member of a project only once, not twice at once.

If I understand correctly, this has nothing to do with rules, just an underlying constraint of Asana.

Hope that helps,


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