Rules for Assigning Tasks

I have a rule for my project that for any new tasks, assign them to a certain person. The problem is if I create a new task and assign when it is created, the rule is automatically reassigning them. I read a previous string that said it would only assign unassigned tasks, but that is not what I am experiencing. Have I set this up incorrectly?

Hi @Mary_Leveridge. For your rule, the trigger is only “Task Added to this Project”. Therefore any new task will immediately trigger the assignment to the person assigned in the Action of the rule. I think you are referring to this prior string Rules Assign Actions ? The trigger in this instance was for the task being moved to a certain col/section. And when I run that rule it does indeed override any prior assigned person for the rule based assignee. Unfortunately there is no “Task is Not Assigned” as a potential trigger. You can use custom fields to trigger, but in my opinion would be just as manual as entering a new assignee.

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Thanks Bernie–It would be great if there were a rule to automatically assign a task if there were no assignee.