[rules] Editing the description using the description itself will destroy links, formatting...

This is a nasty bug or potentially a use case not covered. If you create a rule to edit a task description, and use Variables with the description itself (see image) then when the rule runs, the new description will not have any links or formatting anymore.

My use case was: I want to add a section at the bottom of the existing description.

This is nasty because it destroy data in a sense…


(FYI this is exactly why I haven’t built a Flowsana rule action to modify a task description; because then you have to deal with all of Asana’s (non-standard) text formatting! :grimacing:)

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Thanks for the report folks, I’ve filed a bug and will keep you posted here once I have an update!

Hello @Bastien_Siebman, the team came back to me and confirmed this is a use case we don’t currently support, so the behaviour is currently expected, but this is something the team hope to solve for early next year! I’ll let you know once I have an update!


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