Rules/Automation within Linked Teams or Projects

Allow rule creation/automation for customized fields within multiple linked teams (when teams or projects are linked together through automation rules, the fields become “stacked”). It would be ideal if you could still access the fields of the former team and run automation in the team of the latter so as to avoid duplication or redundancy of custom fields.

Hi @Justin_Poma,

Could you maybe provide a specific example of what you’re asking for? It may just be me, but I’m
not 100% clear on what you’re wanting. (I can make a guess, but I don’t want to do that. :slight_smile: )


@Phil_Seeman sure let me give this a try with some screencasts. Project log as highlighted in the nav column is the main project that drives several other linked projects (I will define linked tasks more in a subsequent step). It has many unique fields, some of which trigger automation like populating into the Current project log among a few others.

Projects within the Current Project Log are populated from the Project Log by a rule run from the field labeled “Status”. When the “status” is set from, say, “Bidding” to “Awarded” the project then populates into the conveniently named “Current Project Log”. Now with the Project log and Current Project Log linked together with a rule, the various unique fields become “stacked” so we are no longer seemingly hampered by the “20 field” maximum per project. See 3 subsequent slides with pink highlighter within the expanded detail column.

Now, a current project will at some point become a completed project and find its way routed into the “Completed Project Log”, among others. While in the Current Project Log, I am able to expand the details and select the new status, but I am unable to run an automated rule as the “status” field cannot be accessed in the “Add Rule” triggers and actions pop-out window. See next screencast.

As a hypothetical workaround, I am able to go back to the “Project Log” and change the status there to evoke the rule to route the project to the Completed Project Log, I do not, however, have a way for the actual job, which is now “Completed” unlink itself from the Current Project Log so it ends up existing in multiple Projects-see next screencast.

One of my questions was if there is any future plan to allow a rule to be run in a latter project, based upon a field of a former project (Completed project log capable of using automated rules using a linked field from the current project log or project log). The other question that piggybacks off of this is if there are additional rules planned where I could get a project to automatically unlink so that a job doesn’t show up within a project where it no longer belongs.

That’s about the best I can explain it over a message board. Let me know if you’d be free to talk over the phone for a few minutes so we could cover more ground a little quicker. Thank you for your assistance!

This is a very interesting way of populating your project log @Justin_Poma
At this moment, there is no rule for you to ‘remove a task from a project’ once a status is changed.

I have ever thought about it this way, but I could see why you want that to be the case when you keep a log of active projects.

I suppose Portfolio Feature is a way to keep a tally of all your active projects. Have you considered using it? here is a link with further details: Portfolios • Asana

I am of course interested to see what @Phil_Seeman thinks.

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Hi @Justin_Poma,

FYI both of those capabilities are available in my Flowsana integration. Specifically:

  • Unlike with Asana rules, Flowsana rules can be triggered by the result of other Flowsana rules.

  • Flowsana has a “move task to project X” rule action which would allow you to unlink those tasks from the projects you’d like to move them out of.

@Phil_Seeman ok cool! So what is flowsana and what is your affiliation with ASANA, and how do I go about getting this to work within ASANA? At quick glance it appears flowsana is a 3rd party application, so does your solution work within ASANA? Finally, if you have a solution why is it that ASANA doesn’t do the same thing so users do not have to rely on 3rd party add-in applications? Just want to better understand this better.

As you surmise, Flowsana is a 3rd party application I’ve developed which integrates tightly into Asana. I’m independent of Asana but work very closely with them in a number of ways (they are incredibly supportive of my work).

Just go here and start a free 30-day trial. For the things we discussed above, you would want to create a couple of Rule workflows.

You’d have to ask them that! But seriously… almost all major web applications and platforms have 3rd party add-on apps which integrate with them and provide additional functionality. As big as Asana is, they don’t have the bandwidth to build everything that everyone wants, so Flowsana and other integrations help to fill in the gaps.