Rules are extremely clunky...

I want to like Rules, but they’re just SO clunky.

In the first place, I don’t understand why they are (apparently) so resource intensive on the server side. What I mean is that somehow you can have 20 people updating the same Google Doc at the same time, which updates instantly for all users, or 5 people working on the same Figma doc, and everyone sees the same changes at the same time, and yet somehow moving a couple tasks from one section to another and triggering the pre-set rule takes ages.

Another thing, I keep hitting enter to finish a task, for example, or to name a section, but upon doing so I create a blank task on a section which triggers the “rule,” wasting my time and my rule count. If you’re going to count every single “rule” I trigger and charge me for it, at least let me set an option to trigger rules only once a task has been named.

And that’s another thing: why are rules limited??? It just seems like a pretext to charge more to be honest. I understand some of them can be more complex (the ones that work via APIs) but, really, you’re charging me extra just for an automation within Asana itself?? And not only that, but it’s clunky as heck??

I’m just really dissatisfied with this feature.


Asana rules slow. Asana rules bad. Asana rules laggy.