Rule to complete a task when moving to section is completing dependent tasks without need


I need some help on some automation I’m doing here.

I have 2 tasks, A and B who is dependent on A to finish.
I created an automation on one section to as I move task A, it auto mark as done or complete.

Problem is, task B is on another section and it’s getting auto marked as done/complete. I have no rule to set dependencies like this.

Is this an expected behaviour? If so, how to avoid that.

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Hi @Ari_cmn,

Welcome to the Forum! :beers:

I have tried to reproduce the issue, but I am unable to do so.

Attached you can see the only one rule I created to get the behaviour in the GIF → when Task A moves to Complete → Complete the task → Dependency on Task B is removed → Task B is still open.

Is that what you are trying to achieve?

  • If yes, are you also using just this one rule?
  • If not, can you please share the Sections you have created and the respective rules in the project?



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Hi Rosario,

I think I didn’t send a correct note on my issue.
It’s not completing the task but I have a Task status field that changes to DONE along with the rule.
The behaviour is changing the task status for the linked tasks, I’ve grabbed a screenshot for that.
So the Task A change status to done, and suddenly Task B too.

The expected was not to change any task status or the field on the downward dependent streams.

Please take a look below:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hey @Ari_cmn,

No problem and thanks for the additional information!

That looks to me like unexpected behaviour :confused:

I’ve recreated the same rule as yours and custom fields and I still have not managed to reproduce it. See below. I also tested in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and I cannot say is anything browser-related.

  • Have you tried to clean your browser cache completely and try again?
  • That’s the only rule you have set right?
  • Also, can you try to test the rule with a new task (both the completed and the dependent) or even a new project?



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@Ari_cmn Can you confirm that there is no other rules set in the project?

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Hi Rosario,

Thanks again, and yes, I just found a trigger for closing unblocked tasks on a linked project :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thanks for helping out, it seems I’ll need to clean up some rules on some projects.



Glad you found out @Ari_cmn!


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