Rule to assign unassigned tasks over due to project owner

I often encounter the problem that project owners do not assign all tasks to somebody and then are surprised about long due tasks in their projects
Therefore I would like to create an automation in our project template that checks the following variables

  1. Is a task due in the next few days?
  2. Is the task assigned to nobody?

If both are YES
→ Assign the task to the project owner.

Is there a way to to that?

At the moment, Variables in Rules don’t allow you to target the project owner you are stuck. Also your second trigger doesn’t exist I believe.

Instead I would suggest relying on a saved search someone goes through often…

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Ok. That’s what I’m doing now and I try to get my co-workers to do it but they don’t. So I hoped I could automate them into it :sweat_smile:

Our Flowsana integration has both of these rule triggers; unfortunately we don’t yet support multiple trigger conditions so you can’t yet combine both of them together - but this is something we’re actively working on now.


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