Rule to Add Text to a Task Name

I love the rules feature. It is intuitive to set up and makes our work in film editing as a team so much easier.

One feature I’m missing is appending text to a task name. So, when a task has been edited by one person, the task name could reflect the current state for everybody.

Currently, when our editor has finished work on a video, he or she would change a field to reflect the state, and it would then be assigned to the next person, be moved to a different category or project. However, in our “my tasks” overview, the task name is always the same and it is easy to miss what’s going on.

That’s why it would be super helpful if we could append text through a rule. For example when the video editing task for “Video 1” is finished, it could then be called “Video 1 - color” and the editor would easily realize that this video is due for color grading. Or in the next stage it would be “Video 1 - publishing”.

I’m sure this feature would be helpful for many people in many different scenarios.

Thanks in any case for a great product.

Welcome to the Community Forum @SebastianW! :wave:

You are right, it’s currently not possible to automatically add text to tasks using Rules.

Alternatively, you can set up a rule to automatically update the status of a custom field to achieve something similar:

You can create the custom field “Status” and add the following drop down options: finished, color and publishing. Those fields will be available in your task.

Following your example, when the field in the video editing task for “Video 1” is set to “finished”, you can set a rule that automatically assign the task to the editor and also update the field to “color”. Then you can set up a rule that trigger when your editor makes a specific action and the field is automatically updated to “Publishing”.

I hope this helps!