Rule Question - "If an ASSIGNEE is 'not empty', then change a STATUS

I can’t find another question for this. I am hoping for a rule I can make that says if an ASSIGNEE is a filled, the status will changed to ASSIGNED.

In our sprint planning processing, all new requests get dropped into the BACKLOG.
When we do our upcoming sprint planning (every weeks), everything that is due in the next two weeks, gets moved to the on-deck list automatically.
That’s when we make assignments. —I WOULD LIKE THE STATUS CHANGE HERE—
Once the task gets started, the status can be changed to STARTED and/or moved to the IN PROGRESS section. (there is a rule that will automate this to change the status or move to the section, depending on what the designer does - moving sections or just changing the status.

Looking at the rules, on the Trigger it just allows me to automate the rule if a certain person is selected. I’d love it to say something like, “If ASSIGNEE is filled/not empty” then the ACTION will change the status.

Is this possible?

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One thing to note. I don’t want it to be a certain individual, otherwise I will need to make 20 rules just for each individual person.

I don’t think that is possible with Asana natively. Maybe check out The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Integromat & Automate for alternatives.

I usually advise my clients to be really careful about having such a system. You are basically duplicating the info, by having an “assigned” field in addition to an actual assignee, just like you would with a “completed” section. That is the best way to have data inconsistencies. Also if you can’t find an automation, everyone need to work more by doing actions twice.

Good luck!


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