Rule Ordering/Over-riding

I used the multi-select to ease the forming process and improve reporting in Asana. However, need it to be a single select for Flowsana to pull in subtasks. (what we need can’t be done in Asana just yet)

Is there a way for me to set these rules up so they don’t override each other?

What is in Yellow is the correct option. but then is overrode later in the blue multiple times. Below are examples of how I have the rules currently set up. I know why it’s happening, but is there a way to trump the fact the third thing isn’t there so it defaults to the 2 entrances selected or if it is here defaults to the 3 entrances selected?
set-up Example
set-up example 2

@Phil_Seeman I feel like this is something you might be able to help with. My brain melted, but maybe yours won’t!

There’s really no way to effectively control this, unfortunately.

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@Bastien_Siebman & @Phil_Seeman
Thank you both!
I was hoping someone knew a way to outsmart the Asana rules that I couldn’t see.
The only way this would work is to have a : does include/ does not include option for rules using multi-select.

For now I went to single select and create the combinations offered there. Then used Flowsana to pull in the subtasks based on what our customer needs for set-up. When we set-up a customer it’s a lot of phases and each phase has options creating an infinite amount of combinations. Pulling them in individually by selection is the only way to accommodate but it does make a very awesome automated parent task with up to about 115+ subtasks. My team is happy so I am calling it a win!


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