Rule for approvals will not trigger

I’ve created some rules to trigger when an approval is approved, requested changes, or rejected. I’m not seeing the any of the rules trigger when I make changes to the approval. Is there a way to see if I’m doing something wrong?

Hi @Marie_Tubbs,

Are you able to provide screenshots? Please be aware of any pertinent information you do not want shared.


As a new user to the forum, I’m only able to upload one image at a time, so you will see a couple replies here with additional screenshots. Is this screenshot helpful?

Additional screenshots:

Additional Screenshot

That seems odd it does not work, as your rules are pretty straightforward…

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Thanks for sharing this screenshots, @Marie_Tubbs! I just try to reproduce this issue but the Rules seems to be running as usual for me. There are a couple of things you can consider if a rule seems. not to be working:

  • Please note Rules don’t apply to subtasks. If the approval is a subtask, you would need to add it to the project first.
  • Rules will be only triggered for actions you make in the future. This means the comment won’t be automatically added to all tasks marked as Approved in the past.

You can also try following these troubleshooting steps in case there is any issue in your browser that is blocking your rules: Asana supported browsers and troubleshooting steps | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

If the issue persists, I recommend you to contact our support team so we can investigate further! When you contact them please share the URL of this thread and the project URL to speed up the process. Thanks!

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Ah, I think that is the answer right there, the approval is a subtask. So I guess then now this brings up a thought for me that it would be a nice feature request, to allow rules for subtasks.

Thanks for you help on this.


This is a very requested feature, there is an existing thread on the forum.


Thank you. I will take a look at the discussion.

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