RTL language support

Currently Asana Web interface does not support RTL languages.
RTL text shown LTR which make it hard to read.
appending "dir=auto" to each row of task make it much better. but it needs to inject js and css to page, which is hard and not permanent.

Also, text is not quite readable, Because of font.

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+1 on RTL support - Asana is effectively not a tool I can use without it


+1 ! I would really like to write tasks in Hebrew.

The Android app shows the text correctly but the website doesn’t. :frowning:


Apparently Asana has no intention of solving the issue according to replies i have received from support


Just a simple code… please implement.

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Should point out that support for just “Right-to-Left languages” (such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian) per se is not really enough — but would nevertheless be most welcome as a big step in the correct direction!

What is truly needed, in the more general sense, is support for bidirectional (mixed RTL/LTR) text (“BiDi”), per the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.


… per the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.

This is correct

Will Asan ever support RTL language support, i depend heavily on arabic typing and it’s annoying to not be able to type from right to left.