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Hi, I’ve just tried-out the (Slack<->Asana integration app]( as I appreciate not getting my email clobbered, yet I want the notifications.

Participating in this community is also very valuable and I would like updates here to be sent to Slack. (Not that I’m particularly favour of Slack, but it has these “bot apps” like this one that I find pretty nifty.)

  • Would it be possible to add a RSS-feed to the community pages?
  • Or does anybody know of a service that would do the trick?



@Michael_Ambrus thanks for bringing this up! There is a Discourse/Slack integration. Discourse is the awesome company that built this Community platform. We at Asana will have to think about the pros and cons of enabling this integration, but it sounds like this is something that would interest you.

Also, have you experimented with updating your email settings here in the Community? You could customize your emails a bit more to receive more specific information.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexis

I was probably unclear in my post. I wanted to suggest to add RSS to the forum system. But I also elaborated why (which just added to confusion).

Please disregard the Slack integration and any mentioning of integration to the Asana*-system*.

What I lack is a way to get notified what happens here, preferably in a RSS capable way (for either news-readers or in chatting systems). For this need even e-mails would work, but either don’t or I’m missing them due to too clobbered e-mail inbox.

As for the notifications from the Asana-system (i.e. off topic):

I have a lot of thoughts about it. But it’s perhaps best to start another thread for that?


I found a solution for my immediate need (which is getting notified of updates of discussions of interest - in any way - from this forum (e-mails would i.e. do as forum seems relatively low traffic).

Last in a Forum Thread there is a little clickable line which tells your notification status/setting.

This toggles from Muted, Normal, Tracking and Watching. Defaut is Tracking and what I needed was to set this to Watching.

Still: news-feeding (RSS e.t.c.) would also be nice. Perhaps it’s easy to add by just enabling something o_O :stuck_out_tongue:


So glad you found a solution for your immediate need! I’ll update you if there’s anything we can do regarding your RSS request. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.