Routing Logic for Form Fields

We just upgraded to Asana for Business so we could take advantage of the advanced Forms and Workflow features. Apparently, there is no way to create rules that involve specific responses to fields used in forms? For example, we need to sort incoming form submissions by location. I’d like to create a rule where if the person submitting the form enters, say, (Iowa) in the state field, the submitted form will appear in the “Iowa” section of a project. If this isn’t possible it would make for a great feature in the future. Otherwise…help?

HI @Brent_Watkins

Thanks for reaching out! This is in fact possible. Here are the steps to recreate.

  • Create a single-select custom field that lists out the states you need for your team (Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, etc). Make sure to add this to your project

  • Create the desired sections with the state names

  • Create a rule with the following parameters:
    Trigger: State Custom Field is changed to “Iowa”
    Action: Move task to “Iowa” section

  • You would create a rule for each state in order to accomplish your goal

  • For the form submission, you will want to create a state field and attach it to the custom field you added earlier in the project. This way, when someone selects their state and submits the form, it will autopopulate the task and move to the desired section based on your rules.

This is very wordy, but if you need additional assistance I’d be happy to recreate this and show through screenshots.


Wow. I’m SO glad to hear this is possible. I think I understand your steps, but if I get stuck, I’ll reach out. Thanks Mike!

So this works beatifully. In fact, your suggestion to simply create a custom field eliminates the need for sections. I can simply sort on this field to group all locations together.

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Glad it worked! Custom fields really are a life saver for a lot of things in Asana

Hopefully you don’t need all 50 states! :grimacing:

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True! Then there can be no more additional rules

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