Rollover tasks


I’d like to see rollover tasks, that is tasks that are due “now,” but if they don’t get done today then they simply rollover to tomorrow rather than being categorized as overdue. I can set tasks this way if I don’t assign a due date and they show up on my tasks list screen but they don’t appear on the calendar view, which is what I use most. I can also set them to recur every day, but then it shows up on every previous day if I didn’t do it, and once I’m done I have to go in and remove the recurrence instead of just marking the task complete. I envision “rollover” as an option you have to select such as a due date or recurrence rather than the default, that way if someone wants to use it how it is set up now they still can. I use Asana as personal task manager, so I’m not sure how this would affect teams, but I can’t imagine it would be a hinderance. Thanks for your consideration!


Thanks for the feedback @Phoebe_Murrell, this is definitely something we’re looking to build with a set of due date based rules! We’ll keep you posted here once we have an update on our end!