Rolled up monthly view of tasks per project


I have multiple projects that I’m managing. I see that portfolios can be used to look at the larger picture across projects, but I’d like a monthly view of tasks that all projects can roll up to. I manage store launches individually, but I sometimes complete the same task across many projects at once which is why I’d like this view.

I’d appreciate any ideas - thank you!

Best, Jessie

Hello @Jessica_Zodicoff,

you could for example use the reporting feature to create graphs and then click through to access all the tasks. For example if you create a graph having total task nr on one axis and a custom field entry on the other axis.

Another option would be to perform an advanced search and you can access the data you need in one view this way. You can also save the search results.

Or you can create rules in every project to multihome the relevant tasks in a special internal project for you. This way you can organize all tasks also there the way you prefer and make changes faster.


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