Roadmap View of tasks in a project, and/or across multiple projects


Would be great if you could get a “roadmap view” of tasks in a horizontal timeline format with separate lanes for Projects, and then separate bars for sections, made up of tasks and subtasks.

We use ProductPlan for this and link things in product plan through to Asana, but would be fantastic to have it all in one place i.e. Asana


Take a look at instagantt, It does not display projects, but sections, tasks and subtasks of specific project (or several projects).


I second this! Asana just released Timeline view, which is incredible and almost what tim1 asks for here. Now if we could have that on multiple projects.

We currently use Instagantt too. It is a great tool, but having this baked into Asana, with their Uber clean interface is gonna be great.