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Hi @Alexis

I have seen other software products that maintain a roadmap, with upcomming features, features in the pipeline and so on. It would be interesting to follow. That would give the community a better idea on what issues to discuss. What are your thought and reasons for not having one already?

Feature 'Status Board' to outline the Asana roadmap
Asana Work-In-Progress Features List
Asana Work-In-Progress Features List

Hi @Peter_Skjoldager

The Asana blog is a good place to get updates on big Asana product initiatives. Here’s our most recent blog post about how we’re working on making Asana faster

At this time we do not share a specific roadmap with specific deadlines. We genuinely want our features to be high quality and sometimes that means planning flexibility into our deadlines. We don’t publish a roadmap of product features and deadlines to allow us the flexibility to make the highest quality product we can for our users. That said, you’ll notice an active clip of product features being announced on the blog, such as this week’s post on new updates to the Asana mobile app:

Public product roadmap
Make Asana's Internal Roadmap Public
Asana Work-In-Progress Features List

We have been using Product Plan. I would love to see Asana -> ProductPlan integration. So that I can tie a project in Asana into ProductPlan to track % complete in some fashion. Jira has that integration. If Asana could do what Product Plan does for roadmapping that would be good too. :slight_smile:


Feedback noted @dneighbors :slight_smile:


Agreed on this… software companies that do this (ironically often with a Trello board, I’ve found) move up a few notches in my list. :slight_smile:


I agree! I haven’t tried this yet, but I read that you can build an integration between Aha! and Asana: I’m in the planning stages for our roadmap, so I’m also looking for ways to manage this w/o duplication of efforts and task entries.


@Alexis. I understand the reasons for not wanting a roadmap, What about a permanent list of features that people have suggested here or at twitter or on the support line, and maybe community people could just give their opinion and/or votes or something ? :slight_smile:


That’s great input @Peter_Skjoldager and that’s what the Product Feedback category is for here in the community. We’re hoping this can be an area to gather the list of features requested and you can like and comment on the ones that align with your suggestions.
Let us know if you have other thoughts on optimizing this.


Whilst the Product Feedback posts are really useful to see what people have been requesting, it doesn’t really let a user know whether a request will be turned into a feature.
Additionally it will not include any items that asana are working on that may not have been noted in the category, which would also be good for users to know.

Perhaps a document noting suggestions that have come in and categorizing them according to ‘committed to - items that are definitely going to be coming up’, ‘under review - items that are being looked into to see if possible’, ‘not yet reviewed’, ‘not proceeding’ That way users know whether something will actually go forward.
Or, without committing to timescales, it could be possible to note committed to features as ‘soon’, ‘medium term’ ‘future’, which doesn’t restrict asana to exact timescales but helps manage users expectations, especially when build will take a long time.



Thanks for this feedback, @Stephanie_Woodward. We’re seeing an increased interest in the product feedback category. As this interest has expanded, we’ve seen an additional need for a new system of capturing this information. We have certainly been keeping track of people’s feedback, but it is helpful to know your needs and suggestions. Thanks for these ideas, Stephanie. We’ll have more updates on this in the near future.


Just to add to the previous comments - we build our entire workflows on Asana. If there is a feature we are missing we are spending a lot of time and resources to create a work around. Knowing what is coming may help us decide how to build our workflows, so we do not have to reorder everything once a new feature comes a long, just because we did not take it into account and we went in some other direction.

Also we are noticing recently that Asana has significantly decreased the number of new features released and most things are actually just minor improvements to existing features. Hope you are cooking something out of this planet…


Hi all,

I came to the community to see if a feature I’m currently keen on seeing (specially being able to see the project a tasks belongs to in the ‘My Tasks’ list in the iPad app) was being discussed/considered for future inclusion into the Asana iOS app. I see that many people have requested this feature so no need for me to post again.

With that though I suggest maybe a status board outlining what features to expect in upcoming releases. I don’t care for timeline or anything around when the release will be public. I also understand many features need to be kept secretive. But that said I think there’s room for something like:

Version: 5.18.0
Status: in development

  • support for 10.5 iPad
  • drag and drop
  • view associated projector each task in My Tasks
  • super secret feature we’re excited to release

I always though the Cultured Code status page did the job in terms of outlining what was being addressed in a forthcoming release.

Thanks for the consideration


I’m a fan of UserVoice.

For instance, I’ve voted on a bunch of Microsoft Teams items and enjoy getting a trickle of regular updates.

The addition of the Product Feedback channel is helpful, but this whole forum doesn’t seem particularly optimized to manage feature requests nor imbue a sense that paying customers’ feedback are being prioritized.

I presume the marked decrease in new features is because most of the engineering team has been focused on back end stuff per some recent blog posts. The quality improvements have been noticed and appreciated! However, and I hate to say it, Asana feels less innovative and cutting edge than it did a couple years back. The competition is growing and catching up (and in some areas surpassed) on feature set.

Asana, I know this stuff isn’t easy and you can’t please everyone. However, I do hope you’re over the hump on the boring-but-important backend rebuilding that is critical to long term growth and can get back soon to the more fun stuff of user facing feature enhancements! Thanks!

List of upcoming Asana features would save users time & increase Asana sales

Hello Asana Team,

I was hoping to find a list of Asana features (here:, as well as a list of the features Asana is currently working on, but I have not been able to find the latter.

I am mostly interested in the feature of having custom fields show up in “My Tasks”, for which there seems to be a good amount of interest and requests for a status update (Custom Fields in My Tasks). However, in general I think a list of features Asana is working on would be useful for customers who’d like to know if they need to continue to show their support for adding a feature, or whether the Asana team is already working on it.

I understand the decision not to have a roadmap—customer-facing deadlines are difficult. But when you don’t have a simple list of features-being-worked-on then the request for customer feedback rings hollow; if we don’t know what’s being worked on, how do we know if we’re wasting our time voicing our opinion, or conversely if we need reach our and garner support for a much-wanted feature.

All the best,


Indeed Asana does not share a roadmap. I could understand the philosophy, because that allows them to change direction quickly without having to explain themselves to the community. I have been in the comminity since the start and I can tell you that many features are being done. And indeed some that you find very very very important are not done because the product team probably does not feel the same way. I feel you :hugs:

cc @Marie from Asana for an official comment?


Hi @Joshua_Hawthorne-Mad and thanks for your question. We already have a thread on this topic: Roadmap for asana (you can refer to Alexis post). I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread; hope that’s ok! :slight_smile:


Hi Marie,

Thank you for the reply. I saw this thread previously, and that’s why I asked about a features-list, not a specific roadmap with deadlines. If that’s still a non-starter, okay. But is there a way to get an update on the custom fields within “My Tasks” (Custom Fields in My Tasks)?



I see what you mean @Joshua_Hawthorne-Mad; unfortunately I don’t believe we’ll publish a features-list in the near future, but I’ve made a note of your feedback! Regarding Custom Fields in My Tasks, I don’t have any update at the right now, but I’ll make sure to update the thread as soon as I do!

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us; we really appreciate it!