Right scrolling



I am not able to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the event planning template. The scroll bar is not even staying up as an option. And when it does appear sporadically, it’s gone just as quickly before I can figure out exactly to get it to remain so I can edit the template! PLEASE HELP!


HI @Kini_Slaughter and apologies for the trouble.

Can you confirm if you’re having the same issue when logging into your account using an incognito/private window?

Could you also let me know what browser (+version) you’re using? Many thanks!


I was using Google Chrome and I also went and tried it in Safari. It works intermittently, but it’s just not always there even when I hover over a task.

Thank you for your help and communication so that we can hopefully resolve this issue even if it’s when I get back from my holiday vacation the first week of Jan.

~Kini Slaughter


Thanks for the quick follow-up @Kini_Slaughter,

Before I can escalate this further, I would just need you to test with an incognito window in Chrome. This is just to verify that the issue isn’t browser related :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your reply!


I tried it in an incognito window as you guys suggested. But I just think this is simply how the program works. However, it is a hassle and it would be great to have someone work on this
so that the right scroll bar is present all the time similar to Google programs. Even as a type this email. My right scroll bar is easily accessible and that would make

working in this program that is supposed to be focusing on effective, exactly that! Thanks so much!


Hi @Kini_Slaughter, thanks for giving it a go! Were you able to reproduce the issue with the Incognito window?