Right pane - Reading task & comments VS writing comment



On my laptop (13" macbook pro) . I used to be able to click a task and read its description and comments easily in the right pane,… and there was just a single linespace at the bottom to click into when you . were ready to actually Write a comment… expanding / contracting depending if you were reading or writing.
That was great.

But now the bottom half of the right pane is always overwhelmed by the big blank area for writing a comment :-/
I don’t want that there until I am ready to write… I need to read through everything above it first which is hard to do now. (and I don’t want to have to open into a different window or minimize the left 2 panes … I need to skim reading through many tasks and comments quickly.)

Laptops are where much work happens, and the height ratio doesn’t seem to be accounted for in the design.
(Neither is the width, as my left pane often gets cut off oddly and I have to minimize it and then re-expand it to see it again, but that’s another matter… FYI).

Can the task comments area be fixed back to not dominate unless you actually click into it to write something?



Hi @Carla - I’ve taken the liberty of moving this thread to the product feedback category for further discussion :slight_smile:


Thanks… I didn’t see where in the feedback interface to assign category.


Can you provide a screenshot? I might be able to create a basic CSS fix and you would be able to apply it with Stylebot Chrome extension. Are you using Chrome?


@Bastien_Siebman @Alexis

I am also having same issue where the write comment takes too much space to be able to see the task on the right pane

I would like to have a 1 line comment instead of a full block. How can this be reduced?



Thanks for the feedback, Pedro! We’ll pass this onto our product team.