RICE Method Sprint Statistics

We are currently not happy with Asana, we need an improvement for using Scrum and for prioritizing features.

So basically what we need is

  • a prioritization method that calculates the score automatically. We are currently trying out hygger.io and the RICE method works very well https://hygger.io/blog/4-powerful-factors-rice-scoring-model/, is it planned to do something like that for asana as well?

  • Also, we need to see the sprint statistics, at least how many story points are already completed and a burndown chart would also help a lot. I have also seen that in some scrum tools you can define how many story points usually fit into one sprint and then you see a line in the product backlog which tasks would also fit in the current sprint based on the capacity.

Asana is great for task managment but not for prioritizing. So you can try Ducalis that integrates with Asana and takes task for a team evaluation. RICE is as a template here. You can see top tasks from Asana projects sorted by priority.