Rewards used for Asana training


Has anyone tried to use rewards to encourage proper Asana use on their teams?

I keep running into one major problem with my team. They are inputting information - which is great - but they keep putting it in the wrong areas. (The description of the campaign in the section description rather than the task, the description of the task in a comment rather than the description box, etc…)

Though I try to be very positive and encouraging when I correct them, they are still getting frustrated and because they aren’t really focused, they are feeling like I’m telling them to enter things twice or use multi-steps (which is incorrect.)

I’ve thought about implementing a (very simple) reward system such as:
The first person to get 5 tasks created in November with full descriptions earns a free Coke.
The first person to use Verb+Subject for the title of each of their tasks in November earns a sticker set.
The first person to attach images/logos to all their design requests this month earns a $5 Starbucks card.

I’d like to hear your thoughts.


I’ve had to get very, very basic with people and reward them for things like making a browser shortcut to Asana… because people think the only way in is through a link in the notification email!

That said, the stickers have been a hit. I need more of them!


Thanks @Brian_Titus. I’ve also been running into, “Can you email me that when I’m out because I won’t have access to Asana when I’m on the road?” Well, actually you do if you use the app! :slight_smile:

I haven’t had much success just yet getting them to connect those dots, but we’ll get there!


Sounds like you should also do another basic training with your folks or simply present how you are using Asana e.g. when you are on the road you collect ideas in the app.
Rewards are good, definitely better than punishment :slight_smile: