Reverting (or simply making useful again) the Keyboard Shortcut Commands for Organizing Tasks (Today/Upcoming/Later etc)

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The thread was closed because the discussion is now on Support for Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts There is no need to create a duplicate thread in this case.

Hi Bastien,

This topic is not about customizable keyboard shortcuts, this is specifically about reintegrating a system Asana once had. I am disappointed that this topic was closed automatically.

But the system was based on a keyboard shortcut isn’t it? The only way to re-implement is a keyboard shortcut, because everyone can have different sections now…

No. I think the issue is broader. (Technically, right now Tab + Y will prompt a selected task’s window to appear allowing you to then make the second step of then picking the section it goes to. But the problem with that is we’ve ADDED steps to something that was originally seamless, easy, and ONE step.)

While that topic of customizable keyboard shortcuts is interesting and worth having, I do not think that automatically solves this issue I’m raising here. (And that others have raised, but their topics got closed too…)

But furthermore, it is very disheartening to me that forum admins will immediately shut this down and relegate these discussions. It took me forever to discover that I was not alone in this request…but I couldn’t find a place to discuss it that would be relevant.

Please keep this post open so other users can express support for this feature that was pulled out from under us.