Revert bundle changes if they have not yet been published (or have a "save changes" button in the edit screen)

I have a bundle that governs many (100+) projects. I accidentally removed a section from the bundle, but caught my error before publishing the change. I would really like to revert my bundle to the pre-changed state, esp. since it has not yet been pushed to any projects and has not technically affected anything yet.

I know there are many other threads about undoing changes in other objects (tasks, etc.) and I agree with all of them. I do believe that bundles in particular must have this feature because:

  1. They potentially affect so many projects, so negative consequences are significantly higher than accidentally deleting a project/task/field/option or something like that (which can be recovered without data loss).
  2. If you haven’t yet pushed your bundle change anywhere, you haven’t actually affected any other objects yet, so I would think that rolling it back should be pretty simple.