Reverse the order of comments

@Rebecca_McGrath while browsing the forum I have seen duplicates with this thread, about comment order.

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Thanks for flagging @Bastien_Siebman - I’ve merged the threads! :slight_smile:

So I see a ton of comments since 2017, but no feature. I am in software … this is incredibly easy to implement. Why has this not been done yet?


If Atlasian can add this feature surely Asana can, if for no other reason than not being ashamed that OG tools like Jira can better respond to customer feedback. Please, please add (option to add/sort comments by newest on top).


atleast we have the ‘pinning’ option. Lately, I just put the important info in the description until it’s done, then add everything to a Google Doc link.


Been asking for this feature since July 2017. hmmm. :thinking:

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How is this not an option yet? Jira has this and it’s ideal for longer tickets and staying up to date without endless scrolling. I’m just starting up in Asana after years of not using it and more recently using Jira… considering if it’s worth switching back to Jira which we have access to as well since this is a seemingly simple feature request that has been on the books since 2017…

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See this workaround.

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Why pray tell has this feature not been added? It has been requested in this thread since 2017, and frankly makes a whole lot more sense than the current sort order. I saw a workaround for Chrome, but I use Safari on the Mac and am not willing to switch.

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For what it’s worth @Stan_Horst — I’ve been using a Safari extension called Cascadea to customize the CSS on Safari.

Thank you Skyler. I will look into this.

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I agree. For me this is a show stopper and stay with Trello where I have also a better and more clear mobile app.

Sad to see this product feedback hasn’t been acted on, since it was first posted in July 2017

Staying with Trello too because of this.
You guys are ignoring a huge amount of users for more than 4 years - this is unacceptable.