Reuse an existing / uploaded image as task cover

Hi Community.

I’ve uploaded a local image to use it as a cover of a task. This image now appears under files.
I’d like to reuse this image for another task. It seems as i can’t access other uploaded images and i have to re-upload the original one, which cause me to have a duplicate under files. An uploaded image is only available, if it has been attached to this task before.

Did i just miss the proper way or is there really no option to select another uploaded image as a cover?

Hi @BES, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to reuse uploaded images. If you need to have the same image in several tasks you would need to add them one by one. Apologies for any inconvenience, I understand how this feature can be useful! I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread to our #productfeedback category to allow other customers to upvote!

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