Reusable task list in each task

I’d like to know if there is a way to create a reusable task list with the same tasks (ie. Blog post checklist) to add inside each task on the board.

I thought making it a template would work but it didn’t. If I complete a task on the checklist it does it for all posts versus solely the one I’m working on.

I need a checklist for each post in creating to know where I’m at with each, but that checklist needs to be the same for each.

Thank you

If I understand your question, you are trying to create a reusable task in your task list.
Could you create a [Template] Task and keep in your Asana project and simply replicate it for each blog post?

Each time I would click Duplicate task and have a repeatable template task.


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That would work I guess, but then I would have several duplicate template projects on the dashboard correct? Or do you just delete them?

I just tried it and now have 3 duplicate (template) task projects

You could have a template project with one task only, and then create a new project based on the template just for the sole purpose of extracting that task into another project (and delete the empty project).

Or you can store in a “template project” the task you want to use, and when needed, duplicate that task and move the copy into your project. Does it make sense?