Return the ability to add description to sections

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On the topic of this workaround you suggested, this is something I currently do on some of my projects (mainly onboarding projects for new hires learning the ropes) by creating an “About This Section” task at the top of each section. The problem with this workaround is that these instructional tasks are easily displaced by sorting as well as by dragging tasks into a collapsed section. Do you have any suggestions for preventing this?

Thanks so much for your insight!

Yes that’s annoying I don’t have a workaround…

Hey Asana Family,
I wanted to add my margin on this discussion as well,

It seems silly not to have a description for Section Headers, this is where I would like to place instructions for my team on:
1. When can you move something into this section
2. What to do in this section
3. How long a task/project should stay in this section
4. At what point can you move a project task out of this section

We use Asana as a CRM and soon as a production planner, so having clear instructions helps with our work flow