Return the ability to add description and ability to create link to sections

With the recent changes of end Sep 2019, ASANA has removed the ability to work with sections as previously done. We were using sections to define basket of task such as product versions and sprints.
We used to add description including overview, test cases, business need etc and used to have links from other tasks to this section.
This is no longer available :frowning: Good functionality is now removed. Please return this back .

Indeed sections are no longer regular tasks. I don’t think this is coming back though, given than the data model changed… you can still add a description task at the beginning of each section :s

@Bastien_Siebman I don’t think @Yoav_Crombie is asking to bring back “task functionality” on sections, just the ability to have descriptions for sections. Everything else has description areas, even projects and teams – why not sections? Sure, you can add a description task at the beginning of each section, but that’s a really inelegant workaround, which creates clutter in that section.

I agree with Yoav_Crombie, section descriptions can be very useful. Surely there’s some way the Asana team can implement the ability to create section descriptions (if desired), without completely changing the section feature’s new behavior and basic functionality?

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Yes please I agree on that, that’s very important on our side. The use case is very simple : we always had our SPRINT as a section, with the description / objectives of the sprint inside, and in the update status, the link were pointed to the SPRINT section. Now we can not do that anymore and that’s not cool, even if the new interface is nice though ( :