Retiring a form

I am working on building a project workflow for collecting and reviewing submissions for a series of trainings we hold throughout the year. We have 3 cycles of open submissions that are accepted for a period of time and then we follow up with the submitters if they are selected or not via email. A few features I would love for Asana forms to address or potential solutions:

Can a form be set to close on a certain date to prevent further submissions and can it be reopened at a later date if desired?
Can a form (same url) be transferred to a new project to collect submissions for the next cycle? (Right now, I am just moving the current submissions to a new project and archiving it and adjusting the project with the form for the new cycle, but I’d rather have submissions just filter to a new project)
Is it on the roadmap to add more formatting capabilities to the forms? Hyperlinks, bold/italics/underlined text, etc.

I’d love to learn more about the potential for these features or what users might recommend at this point to help me solution!

No. You can set a form to inactive, but it is manual

No. But you can create a rule that when a task is created from the form, it is moved to another project.

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