Restrict user access

I know there is a way to make projects & tasks public/private - but is there a way to set up a user so they can only see a specific project?

If you are in an organization then even if the person does not belong to a team, you can add this person as a project member. This way this person will only have access to this project and not to all the projects the team contains.


But they are a part of the team. We just want them to only see 1-2 specific

Ok, thus I see 2 options:

  1. Do they really need to be part of the team ? If no then you can do what I mentionned previously.
  2. Are you premium ? With premium you can set up private project with several team members, and those projects will be seen only by allowed team members.

I don’t see a third options, but I’m interested if someone has one :wink:

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Yes, they need to be on the team for potential future projects.We are premium

  • but then we’d have to go back and update every project she’s not on to be


Hi @Jeffrey! Marie here from Asana! Unfortunately, @Julien_RENAUD is completely right here. Team members can access any project public to the team and as it stands there is no way to limit this visibility. As @Julien_RENAUD mentioned, the best way to achieve what you are looking for would be to remove this Member from the Team and manually add them to specific projects you want them to have access to. Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much!


I’ve been doing some research about how to set up my asana organisation to allow clients in my accounting practice access to their own projects. What I have done so far is to create a team and under that team create a project for each client where I want them to be able to collaborate with me. They can’t see other client projects within that team, which is good. Thought I had it but then realised that invited client to a specific project can then add a project to the team. Although only they can see it, it kind of stuffs up my setup. I don’t want that project member to create other projects, I want them to be confined to their one project only. Any suggestions?

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