Restore ability to add a description/attachments to Section Headings and mark Section Complete/Incomplete

When section headings had the same properties as tasks, it was possible to manually mark the section heading as “completed”. This was helpful when, for example, all of tasks under that section had been completed since the section heading was then also hidden when filtering on incomplete tasks. With the new section headings, this is no longer possible.

I like the way that tasks are now bound to the section that they belong to but would like to restore the ability to add some descriptive information and attachments to the section heading (as before) and also mark the status of the section as complete or incomplete.

I use ASANA for recording regular meetings. The section heading is the meeting title and date and the tasks within a section are the meeting actions. I used to be able to attach the meeting minutes and attendee list to the section heading, which was useful and is no longer possible.

Hi @Robin_Webb and thanks you so much for sharing your feedback with us. We already have a thread for each of these topics, so in order to consolidate all feedback in one place can you please add you votes and comments to the following threads: