- RESOLVED - Restore Deleted Workspace

Hi! I accidentally deleted my Asana workspace and am wondering if there is any way to restore it? I sent an email yesterday but haven’t heard anything back. Thanks!

I think your best and only chance is the support. It can take a while. You emailed them? :face_with_monocle:

Hi Bastien! Thanks for your reply! I emailed them, yes, but I wasn’t sure if anyone knew if that can help me recover it.

I contacted Asana again today and they fixed it for me!! Thanks for the help!

So, for those who are wondering if you can restore a deleted workspace on Asana, you can if you contact them following these steps. They were SO excellent at helping me :smiley:


I did not even know they had a working email address :slight_smile:

I believe I found it on another thread here!