Resize the list/detail view?


I’m a heavy user of the e-mail features. I often just forward things I need to work on later to asana then triage them when I get a chance by adding tags and projects and whatnot.

What this means, is that the descriptions of these tasks also include some pretty long plaintext preformatted emails that are incredibly difficult to read! Here’s a screenshot where a plaintext email already formatted for line wraps gets even more line wraps added:

Screenshot from 2017-12-20 11-56-45

See those widowed “to” and “that” words?

It’d be really great if I could resize the two panes of my task list and this task detail view. It seems they’re hardcoded to 50% each but a draggable splitter I can use to give these email tasks more readable space would be dope. Moreso if Asana could use a monospace font when it knows it comes from a plaintext email.