Reset the status of a task created due to recurring due date

When a task has a recurring due date, the new task is created by duplicating the existing task, but with a new due date assigned to it. For the most parts, this works. However, this new state is a task that has not been worked on yet, so the status should not be the same as the previous task, which has just been completed. There is currently no way of changing the Status or Section of the new task through workflow automation, because no automation applies to a duplicated task.

The follow two solutions would get over the problem:
a) When setting the recurring due date, allow the user to choose if they want the Status and / or Section to reset and to what.
b) There should be sets of workflow automation that applies to duplicated tasks or have duplicated tasks recognised as new tasks added to the Section / Project so that existing workflow automation could apply.

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I :100:% agree with you on this. Remember to add your own vote.

Agreed! also wild that we still have no progress on Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day after YEARS of people asking for this feature