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Is there a way you can use a check list for training and then reset it to it’s original unchecked and un commented form after training. Due to it only being used for training in this scenario, we wouldn’t need any records, just need it there so new people don’t forget steps but it would be nice to use one list I can reset after every use rather than create a new project off a template every time we have a new person start.

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I’m afraid there’s no easy way remove comments so you’re really best with a one-off use and then deleting or marking complete.

You’re using a project, but did you consider using a task template? When done you can mark complete or delete. That has a smaller footprint and may be more acceptable to you. (Duplicating a task is another option but not as good for your need as a task template.)

I’ve moved your post out of the Developers category (assuming it’s about using Asana, not programming it).

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Hello @Alexa_Hebbard,

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As Ipb mentioned, if the scope of the training is smaller, you can use a task template.

Just wanted to share in addition that we are using a project template for training new starters, this project template is automatically added to a Portfolio which contains all new starters projects (trainings). Every time someone joins the team, we generate the new project with a couple of clicks.

The reason we are using a project is that there are a lot of things our new starter has to be trained on, and plenty of resources linked in multiple tasks, we also make full usage of all the project features, like Custom Fields, Dependencies etc.

I‘d be curious to understand why a Project Template would not be an appropriate solution for you in this case?

Some useful resources on Project Templates: