Requested to move Guests to Members?


our new Key Account Manager suddenly demands that I move over 100 guests to paid “Members” and I cannot understand why. I have also contacted customer service and they are telling me almost the exact opposite. Since our annual plan is about to get renewed, I really do not know what to do or who is right. We have been using Asana the same way since 2017. I do not understand the sudden change.

Our Asana account is from lets say Birne Holdings GmbH and our only domain is

We have independent companies called Birne Germany GmbH, Birne Austria GmbH with their own domains, e. g. or they are their own companies , in their very own markets. We also do not use their domains for anything.

However, the key account manager suddenly asks us to add the domains etc to our “e-mail domains”, which would transfer them from “Guest” to “Member”.

I do not think he is correct? The funny thing is, even when I go to through the steps to add additional domains, the tool itself is asking us to verify that those domains are part of our company. which they are not!

He still said we have to since Birne Germany GmbH would be a “Affiliate” of Birne Holdings GmbH and that we have to pay for them as Members.

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Guest do not have the same permissions that account members have. Do you have issues with guest visibility and access? @Bastien_Siebman wrote a really helpful guide for this.

If it’s a permissions issue, then yes, adding thier domain would be helpful. Another solution (if your company is not the domain owner) to give outside members of your organization full access is to create an email address for them via your email provider (I usually do this using an alias) & create an account for them.

If neither of these are issues :woman_shrugging:

Nope. Basically we are just working on some projects where we need the input of other countries to keep track of who is working on what by when and what not but the guy is saying that we HAVE to add them as a „member“ since they have the same company name on their domain and if we don’t, we would be breaking the Terms and Conditions of Asana.

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Basically he is saying because our domain is and the others have, etc, we need to add their domains and transfer them from guests to paying members. He is refusing to acknowledge that are different companies. That’s like saying Audi has to pay for being part of Volkswagen


This sounds odd. Perhaps reference this thread to Did you already contact If not, perhaps to them as well.

Hope that helps,


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I can definitely understand why a sales rep would want you to add the domains. That’s quite rare that similar domain names do not belong to the same company :sweat:

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